Persuasive Mirror

 - Dec 14, 2007
References: accenture
If you continued to live your life the way you do right now, how would you look in three decades? The Persuasive Mirror tracks everything you do, then takes your actions into account when assessing your projected reflection.

Via cameras installed throughout your home, the mirror sees it all, from those Marlboros you suck back with you morning coffee, to that bag of chips you grab when you get in from the office to that tub of Ben & Jerry's you thought no one saw you dig into.

On the other hand, it always sees you jump into your yoga pants and lace up your sneakers before you hit the gym; it seems your pop your multis in the morning and the crunchie salad you have for dinner.

So, do you have rotting teeth, harshly stained from coffee, red wine and cigarettes? Is your skin grey and papery? Spotted and leathery? Or are your eyes still sparkling, your skin a bit older yet still glowing vibrantly, your hair still strong and healthy?

You would never need to pay a personal coach -- your own reflection will be able to tell you more about your future outlook than anyone else could.