PersonalHeroes Tracks Positive Impacts on Other People's Lives

 - Jul 7, 2015
References: personal-heroes & fastcompany
The idea of personal scores on social media platforms is something many people live for these days and PersonalHeroes hopes to leverage that obsession for a good cause -- or many good causes. As Fast Company puts it, "PersonalHeroes wants to bring a kindness score to the sharing economy."

Founded by Stephanie Knopel, PersonalHeroes provides an opportunity for people and businesses to go beyond the likes and followers to make tangible positive impacts on other lives. Fast Compny explains, "People tag other users in a compliment in the PersonalHeroes app ('Amy held the door open for me,' or 'Steve returned my wallet') —and the algorithm decides how much that positive action was worth and boosts the user's kindness score accordingly." This marries the digital and physical space in a Good Samaritan sort of way.