This Persistent Alarm Clock Makes You Get Out of Bed and Walk Around

 - Jul 29, 2013
References: psfk
The Walk Up! persistent alarm clock app makes it impossible for you to accidentally sleep in. To turn off the alarm, one must get out of bed and take a pre-determined amount of steps. Intended for smartphones, the app uses the accelerometer to count steps. Depending on your waking up speed, it allows up to 100 steps.

Walk Up! has built-in fail-safes, so cheats like shaking the phone or putting the phone on silent will not work. To create additional urgency for you to get up, the app includes scary sound alarms (such as a female voice screaming) and doomsday themes. If you are a chronic snooze button-pusher, this alarm clock app doesn't have a snooze feature either.

The $0.99 app can be purchased in the App Store.