London's Persephone Books Reprints Out-of-Print Books by Female Authors

 - Dec 12, 2016
References: persephonebooks & facebook
London's 'Persephone Books' is making sure more female authors enjoy the recognition they deserve by reprinting and selling out-of-print stories by mid-twentieth century writers. It is no secret that many female authors have been unfairly neglected throughout history, but thanks to Persephone Books, Londoners have a whole new opportunity to explore these brilliant works.

Persephone Books is a publisher and bookseller located in London's Bloomsbury neighborhood. The shop specializes in selling "neglected fiction and non-fiction by mid-twentieth century (mostly) women writers." This includes everything from novels and short stories to memoirs and even cookery books. While the titles may been unfamiliar to most customers, each work is thought-provoking and intriguing enough to appeal to people from all walks of life.

With over one hundred different titles to choose from, the shop is a must-visit destination for book-lovers attending Trend Hunter’s London innovation conference.