The Vigo Tracks Your Alertness and Improves Performance

 - Dec 19, 2013
References: wearvigo & kickstarter
The Vigo is a new form of performance-enhancing tool that tracks patterns within your blinks and in your body's movement.

It can be customized to your needs as wearable technology along your ear like a headset. This tool automatically 'tricks' you into thinking you are doing your best in order to reach your daily goals. This unit has an infrared sensor, an accelerometer and a clever algorithm built-in to function. It also connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and can be controlled using the compatible app.

Whenever you feel like you're slacking or just very tired, the Vigo has the ability to pick up those senses and revitalize your performance instantly. Performance-enhancing tools are a great alternative to improve your daily tasks when you need to the most.