AMA Designs a Perforated Interior to Optimize Light Exposure

A Georgian terraced house in London boasts a perforated interior after design studio AMA revamped it. The 'Perf House' project called for a building renovation that would allow a more brightly lit space. To maximize the interior's exposure to natural light, AMA removed the walls and added perforated motifs.

The Perf House boasts contemporary industrial materials like raw concrete and steel, as well as some glass and wood. AMA installed perforated interior elements throughout, in order to permit light to seep into all areas of the Georgian terraced house. For example, to allow natural illumination to penetrate the basement level, the design studio created a perforated floor.

These perforated interior design decisions do not only help for the distribution of natural light, but also foster a strong relationship between two separated parts of one communal structure.

Photo Credits: Nick Rochowski