E! Onlines Uses a Poll to Create the 'Perfect Celebrity Body'

 - Jun 25, 2014
References: ca.eonline & jezebel
E! Online polled its readers to find the "perfect" celebrity body parts; naturally, the next step was to glue the results together to make the overall perfect celebrity body. Though probably borne out of a well-intentioned sense of curiosity, the end result is less-than-stellar. Actually, it's closer to terrifying than covetable.

The winners of the poll include Carrie Underwood for her silky milk maiden hair, Rihanna for her sculpted abs and Sophia Vergara for her blessedly buxom bosom (how's that for tongue-twisting?). These admittedly impressive features are thrown into the blender of Unhealthy Expectations and poured onto Blake Lively's legs-for-miles. The end result is what the good folks at Jezebel refer to as 'Frankenbarbie,' a spliced-and-diced creation of unreasonable proportions and societal demands.

Instead of looking at your own body with a zealous disdain, take this 'Perfect Celebrity Body' as a social commentary on how no one is actually perfect.