This Pepsi Ad of Magician Dynamo Will Grab Your Attention

 - Jul 1, 2013
References: geekologie
The recent Pepsi ad of a hovering illusionist is something to see, until you know the trick behind it. As part Pepsi Max’s new campaign, the soda drink company commissioned illusionist Dynamo to pull a trick onto unsuspecting civilians of London. The video showcases the illusionist levitating right next to a double-decker bus.

The pedestrians were all naturally captivated by the trick—and who can blame them? It’s not often you see a guy levitating beside a double-decker bus in London, but maybe it’s a common occurrence at platform 9 3/4. The levitation trick is done with the use of a fake arm and a bracket connected to the frame, which holds up the performer.