Pepper Mouth Makes a Stink When You Swear Online

 - Jun 20, 2010   Updated: Aug 4 2011
References: ultramodernlifetraininglab & gizmodo
Pepper Mouth is a design by Ultra Modern Life Training Lab that aims to quell your penchant for profanity. Each time you curse online--yes, this peripheral focuses on written curses--a sensor is activated and a pungent peppery aroma is pumped into the air.

Just like pepper spray, the effects of Pepper Mouth include a burning sensation in your mouth, eyes and nose that lingers. See the designer's reasoning behind the Pepper Mouth below.

Implications - It is also important to note that the designer wanted to imitate a grandmother figure who cared greatly about the use of bad language. As many people can relate to accidentally swearing in fron of their parents, this potty mouth peripheral is super relatable and a humorous aid that can be used to make parents and grandparents proud.