This Pencil Case Alternative is Shaped Like a Finger-Less Hand

 - Jul 5, 2013
References: etsy & etsy
Stationary fanatics will marvel over this finger-less pencil holder that makes for a creative alternative to the traditional pencil case. Shaped like a gruesome hand with its fingers sliced off, this pencil holder is a great place to stash all your knickknack stationary essentials.

Made from a stylish white slip cast ceramic, these finger-less pencil holders are a tad macabre with a modern twist. Unlike a conventional pencil holder, this hand-shaped pencil holder is artfully missing its most important feature -- its fingers. When the user places their pens and pencils inside the holder, the pens and pencils creatively look like the missing fingers.

Depending on the length of your pens, pencils and markers, all the faux-fingers will stand at different heights and create one eclectic hand. An interesting desk accessory, this pencil case alternative shows off your pens and pencils with a gruesome touch.