The Pedro Del Hierro Madrid Fall 2014 Fashions Channel Spain

 - Feb 9, 2014
References: metrovelvet & latina
Creative Director Carmen March describes that the Pedro del Hierro Madrid Fall 2014 collection was inspired by a 1940s novel where a woman finds herself in a new city and experiences the possibility of a fresh start after war. March also likened the feeling to current-day Spain, which is still battling financial and social crises. The collection has its somber notes, but there are also some energetic pieces that are all about rejuvenation and revival. Some of the most cheery pieces from the collection are a pair of gemstone-colored jumpsuits with geode-like patterning on them.

Despite the heavy inspiration, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom from Pedro del Hierro Madrid. Other standout pieces include garments made from a luxe gold fabric, which is hopefully an omen of the prosperity to come for the future of Spain.