Uncrustables Just Debuted a New Peanut Butter-Only Sandwich

 - Jan 9, 2019
References: smuckers & delish
For those who enjoy PB&J sandwiches, but hold the J, Uncrustables new peanut butter-only sandwiches are the perfect snack. Not only are the new sandwiches tasty, but they also require no preparation.

Smucker’s recently decided to satisfy jelly haters by creating peanut butter-only Uncrustables. Just like the PB&J version, the new Uncrustables are sealed, crustless sandwiches made with two fluffy layers of bread. However, the inside features only peanut butter and not a hint of jelly. The new version also features 60% less sugar than the PB&J version, no GMOs, no high fructose corn syrup, and two grams of protein.

As always, the Uncrustables are perfectly designed for snacking on the go and the only preparation required is taking the sandwich out of the freezer long enough to thaw.

Image Credits: Smucker’s.