The Peace Intention Experiment

Could humanity finally have found a solution to the peace problem - in the most unlikely of places? They said, "Where there is a will, there is a way." After exhausting the options of talks, force, coercion, treaties, temptations, aid, blocks, clarity, deceit and even war itself to achieve peace - is the answer really as simple as having the will to have peace?

This September, a team of top psychologists, biologists, and physicists from the University of Arizona, Princeton University, the International Institute of Biophysics, Cambridge University and the Institute of Noetic Sciences is putting the age-old wisdom to test. Led by Lynna McTaggart, the team are creating a revolutionary scientific experiment: The Peace Intention Experiment.

Harnessing the willpower of thousands of people around the globe, connected and synchronized through a single access point on the Internet, Lynne will show how intent works to reduce conflict in a chosen location. The participants will focus on an image from the selected region, while the story is told via the web page. After a while of meditating on the story, the participants will make a single intentional statement to reduce a selected conflict variable by x%. [Specific details are revealed only to sign-ups in order to ensure the experiment is controlled.]

The Intention Experiment - which is actually a series of tests & trials - is dubbed "the largest mind-over-matter experiment in history" by the team. Previously, Lynne's team has been studying the successful outcomes of long-distance and web-based experiments conducted over humans, plants and water, that involved a group of meditators changing the thermodynamic variables of the subjects with pure intentional thought.

Regular experiments include healing the sick by coordinating participants through the Experiment's email list. Participants heal by focusing attention on the sick and repeating an intention statement at a given time.

This idea is a benevolent extension of what the wildly successful program The Secret proposed. While The Secret seemed to ultimately pander to the more material desires, the Intention Experiment explores such humanitarian aims as reducing global warming through their future intention experiments.

Lynne's program has received some controversial reviews, the popular one being that it is merely prayer by another name.

Yet whatever the name of the rose, to me it smells just as sweet! I am taking part in the Peace Intention Experiment. I intend that it will reduce the conflict in the selected region. And I intend to use the same technique for my community's welfare & prosperity! Amen to that!