Portraits Part One by Paweł Bajew are Curious and Creative

 - Nov 18, 2013
References: behance.net
At first glance, the images that make up Paweł Bajew's Portrait Part One photo series look as though there were the official portraits for some kind of fantastical play. From tree men to snow-covered skiers, the captures have an exaggerated appeal that will get people's curiosity and imagination spinning in no time.

Based in Pulawy, Poland, Paweł Bajew is a photographer that appears to thrive on darkly surreal scenarios. In this case, his imagery also takes on a vintage effect due in large part to the filters used. In this way, Paweł Bajew's portraits can also be passed off as intriguing real people from another lifetime. Whatever the case may be, the creativity behind the captures will enchant just about anyone. Not to mention inspire people to fill in the gaps between them.