Patrick Swayze Death Tweet Puts Media Into Frenzy

 - May 20, 2009
References: news4jax
The recent Patrick Swayze death scandal proves that you can’t believe everything that’s said on Twitter.

Yesterday, Jacksonville radio station 97.9 KISS-FM reported Patrick Swayze’s death at the age of 57. Patrick Sawyze is alive and well, however, according to a report from his publicist yesterday evening. The single tweet created a word-of-mouth domino effect and the story was soon not only all over Twitter and the Internet, but also the front page of, Entertainment Weekly and Entertainment Tonight.

Fortunately, Patrick Swayze’s death rumors haven’t impacted his real-life health. Patrick Swayze is doing well and he remains receptive to treatment for his cancer. Hopefully the media and public have learned that Twitter may not always be the most accurate news source.