These Speakers by Patrick Frei Mimic Sea Creatures for Superior Sound

 - May 24, 2013
References: patrickfreidesign & yankodesign
Using biomimicry, 'Soundwhale' and 'Fishead' speakers designed by Patrick Frei take inspiration from whales and fish to give you an engaging auditory experience. Each speaker uses the natural shape of its namesake animal to produce superior sound. The Soundwhale pumps out surround sound through its multidirectional audio features. The Fishead provides a focused sound by using the form of a fish's head.

In addition to the speakers' amazing sound, both audio devices were designed to be sleek and sophisticated. Each of the seafaring speakers are made of an elegant combination of materials. Both speakers are made of ceramic, titanium and oak wood in order to provide both a functional and aesthetically pleasing experience. The design of the Soundwhale simulates a whale diving through a wave while the Fishead imitates a fish with its mouth wide open.