Patricia Piccinini's 'Graham' Was Made to Survive a Car Crash

Patricia Piccinini is an Australian artist that works with a variety of different media to create pieces that drive a strong message to its viewer.

For her interactive sculpture titled 'Graham,' Patricia Piccinini shows how delicate the human body truly is when it comes to car crashes. In order to portray this, she uses Graham's disfigured look to illustrate what someone would need to look like if they were built to survive a high-speed collision.

This in mind, Patricia Piccinini designed the piece around the idea of evolution, giving Graham an incredibly thick head and neck, strong legs with extra joints and a grotesque torso to display the features that would be needed to prevent bodily harm. The character's shape was configured with the help of a trauma surgeon and Australia's Transport Accident Commission -- with the hope that life-size Graham will aid in the prevention of unsafe driving.

Photo Credits: designboom,