Jenna Karl's Creepy Catwalk

 - Aug 20, 2008
References: jennakarl & youtube
Latex, wheelchairs, gas masks and a lot of bare skin: those words only begin to describe this bizarre fashion video.

This footage featured above comes from Jenna Karl's slightly disturbing fashion show, centered around a theme I'll call Patient Fashion. The New Zealand-based designer says the collection is meant to be insight into masochism and the future of body modification.

Jenna Karl, 23, had models dressed as hospital patients, being pushed down the runway in wheelchairs by nurses wearing full-face gas masks and goggles, led by a latex-clad woman who one could presume is meant to be a doctor.

"I want to give the viewer of my collection a sense of the medical advancements that people will undergo," Jenna says. "The clothing is not clothing as such but a representation of the medical advancements people have undergone."

The creepy techno music only helps to boost the masochistic theme further.