The Passerelle De La Paix Bridge in France Has a Slender, Asymmetric Design

'La Passerelle de la Paix' is a bridge with that uses an asymmetric tube design to provide a visually pleasing pedestrian walkway and cycle track. The bridge is currently under construction and will extend over the Rhone River in Lyon France.

The bridge will connect two major parks situated on either side of the river, the Parc de la Tete d'Or and the Parc of Saint Claire. It will be visible to passengers using the high-speed rail link to enter the city of Lyon.

The Passerelle de la Paix will have two walkways. One walkway is five meters wide and divided into a footpath and a bicycle lane. The second walkway follows the bridge's lower arch until it joins the first walkway in the middle of the bridge, making for a big public space with a fabulous view.

The bridge spans a length of 157 meters, and has a highly slender structure that offers a high degree of transparency.