The Jerk Balloons are a Rudely Blunt Party Favor

 - Apr 27, 2014
References: fairgoods &
The Jerk Balloons by retailer Fair Goods are a far cry from the balloons you see as traditional party favors. Instead, these balloons are printed with bluntly rude sayings that sarcastically put down the birthday girl or boy, rather than celebrate them.

These crude laxtex balloons come in a variety of vibrant colors with several impolite sayings printed on them. Some of the sayings include things like "I hate you" and "You're a douche" that wouldn't be taken lightly unless the birthday girl or boy knew you were joking. Available in a set of 25, you'll have tons of these balloons to blow up. Just be careful who you give them to because the Jerk Balloons aren't your typical party favor.