This Device Uses Mirrors to Improve Seeing the Eiffel Tower

 - Dec 19, 2015
References: upvoted & apartmenttherapy
A Reddit user by the name of Lurluberlu recently developed a customized periscope to improve his view of the iconic Parisian monument the Eiffel Tower. The device cleverly manipulated two different mirror angles to reflect an ideal view of the iconic landmark directly into his window.

Some of the best views in Paris are the ones that feature a clear sight line to the Eiffel Tower that only a select view urban dwellers happen to have. This homemade periscope design creatively captures a perfect view of the landmark in a space that normally wouldn't be able to see it by using reflections. The periscope creatively featured two expertly placed mirrors that carried the reflection of the tower into Lurluberlu's room giving him an unobstructed view.