The Paracite Speeds to Your Destination on the Railway

 - Jun 30, 2009
References: coroflot & yankodesign
Now I can’t personally say I would take this risk, but the Paracite Personal Transport vehicle is the fastest way to driving convenience (no pun intended…maybe).

The Paracite, designed by Matthias Pugin, is a 3-wheeled personal vehicle that rides somewhere in the 5 miles between trains (standard space) on the actual tracks. I know it sounds a little freaky only because a train isn’t the lightest or slowest of vehicles, but under the circumstance that traffic control was manageable then this is a brilliant idea.

The sleek little one-seater is already a breath of fresh air as far as the image is concerned, but also a stress free way to work with that sometimes needed ounce of alone time.