The Paprikum Spice Grinder is Shaking Up Traditional Condiment Preparation

 - Apr 16, 2013
For those who appreciate the fuller flavors of spices that have been freshly prepared, the Paprikum spice grinder is a sleek, easy-to-use contraption that is designed with easy-shake methods, allowing for you to ground spices to your own specifications.

Although freshly ground pepper and other spices are undeniably delectible additions to any great meal, many find the act of manually refining herbs and spices a very ardruous process. In this respect, the method of producing freshly prepared spices continue to be domoinated by old-fashioned practices like using a hand-churned grinder or even a mortar and pestle.

The great thing about the Paprikum spice grinder is that by embeding your unrefined spices and a large ball-bearing into this easy-to-grasp hand unit, the Paprikum allows you to simply shake this device and decide how much and how finely your fresh spices will turn out.