Charging Mobiles In Your Pants Could Soon Be Possible

 - Aug 14, 2007
References: telegraph
From a design element, these batteries look like they were inspired by Listerine PocketPacks, the paper-thin mints that dissolve on your tongue. Their function, however, will be even cooler! The black, light-weight, ultra flexible batteries could open a whole lot of doors when it comes to powering smaller technologies. In the not-too-distant future, the little strips could be creating the possibility of fueling paper airlines and even rejuicing your cell phone battery through a "smart pocket."

"We see this as a technology that's just right for the current energy market, as well as the electronics industry, which is always looking for smaller, lighter power sources," according to a University researcher quoted by the U.K.'s Telegraph today. The batteries function between temperates of -70C and 150C and over 90% of the battery is made of cellulose (hence its paper-like quality.)

Now, I'm a geek in my own right, but this Telegraph article was infused with a little more techie jargon than I could comprehend. It looks cool, sounds groundbreaking, and I can't wait to find out when I can start re-loading my cell in the rear pocket of my Diesel jeans! Anyone needing more info can check out the original article.