These Elctronic Paper Road Signs Run Entirely on Sunlight

 - Aug 7, 2015
References: visionect & springwise
Australia-based company 'Visionect' recently began installing a series of electronic paper road signs throughout the city of Sydney. Unlike traditional road signs, the new e-paper signage is entirely powered by sunlight. In fact, the new signs use 99 percent less energy than their conventional LCD counterparts.

The new electronic paper road signs are wirelessly connected to the Internet, which allows construction crews to update them to convey changing road conditions. The road signs feature solar panels, which make them self-sufficient and immune to problems such as power outages. Aside from being energy efficient, the new road signs are easier for drivers to see because they use the same kind of electronic ink found in e-readers and smartwatches.

While the new e-paper signs are only being used in Sydney, the eco-friendly technology could be used in a number of different cities around the world.