The Paper Cut Razor Turns an Accident into an Innovation

 - Jun 9, 2014
References: nadeemhaidary & gizmodo
The paper cut razor by Nadeem Haidary puts the annoying accident to good use.

The razors, which are constructed entirely from waterproof paper (to prevent disintegration), use an origami design that harnesses the surprising power of a paper cut. The website describes the paper cut razor as a "product that playfully challenges two notions: that paper cuts are inherently evil, and that current disposable razors are truly disposable." Seeing as they can easily be thrown into the recycling bin after use, the paper cut razor is much more disposable than what's currently on the market. Moreover, the product could even be assembled by the user, allowing them to be packaged flatly, allowing them to be space-efficient and ecological.

Overall, the product is affordable, easy to use and eco-friendly; sounds like a recipe for success! However, what remains to be seen is how effective a paper blade is. Though it's mildly horrifying that a seemingly innocuous material has such a propensity for slicing skin, the idea has "genius" written all over it.