The Paper-Craft Models by Papero are Beautifully Complex

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: ipapero & thisiscolossal
The beautiful paper-craft models by Korean-based company Papero are reminiscent of childhood days spent indoors making paper airplanes. These paper toy products have been crafted by some of the top exhibition designers in Korea, and are both a craft and a toy. Each paper-craft kit comes with blueprints of the 3D vehicle you chose, which can be buses, airplane, motorcycles, scooters or trains. You are required to color and assemble the vehicle, and the paper materials are safe for children to use. The video shows how to color in each part, and assemble your craft piece-by-piece.

These crafty toys would make the perfect gift for young boys who love cars, or adults who want a unique display collection. This line of paper-craft products is eco-friendly, and doesn't require glue or scissors.