The Paper Ballad by Koty 2 is a Twist on a Standard Studio Photoshoot

 - Apr 29, 2014
References: portfolio.koty2 & fashionising
The Paper Ballad by Koty 2, a photographer based in both Australia and Poland, is a series that puts a twist on the standard studio photoshoot. What makes it particularly interesting is that it does so after the fact. The cold photoshoot is stripped, quite literally, to its essentials. First, the images are shredded and shot in full (or nearly full) and then a corresponding image takes on a more abstract existence.

Starring model Olivia, the Paper Ballad by Koty 2 accentuates the minimal quality of each of the powdery blue looks. Styled by Kazik Stolarczyk, the wardrobe features pieces from the likes of Kas Kryst, Sowik Matyga, HANGER, Anna Obodynska, Nenukko, Monika Blotnicka, Natasha Pavluchenko, Anna Gregory and Celine Paris.