Panoply Lets People Receive Help For Depression and Help Others

 - Apr 3, 2015
References: & gizmag
Panoply is a new tool, developed by researchers at MIT and Northwestern University, that uses the power of crowdsourcing to help people cope with depression. This online tool uses the technique of cognitive reappraisal to help members receive help from others or offer help themselves.

People suffering from depression often get caught up in maladaptive thought patterns wherein they begin to view everything in a negative context. Panoply aims to mimic the kind of analysis psychologists use to come up with positive appraisals and reinterpretations of life events. Users simply have to fill out a series of fields detailing trigger events and maladaptive thoughts, with other users logging on and suggesting ways that the event can be reframed in a positive light.

Panoply's socially driven system is likely to make people use the tool regularly. While it will help people with depression develop more positive ways of seeing the world, it will also give them a sense of purpose and confidence by helping them help others suffering from depression.