Dom Richards' Painted Caricature Art is Remarkable

 - Mar 2, 2013
References: domrichards & visualnews
Painted caricature is one of my favorite art forms, and Dom Richards excels at it. His body of work is consisted of politicians, artists, rockstars to even pets, accentuating every feature and identifying them mockingly.

His pope illustration is one of my favorite ones, with fantastic symbolism used with the burning candle. Queen Elizabeth illustrated as a leprechaun, Charlie Sheen painted looking like a complete nerd wearing a 'winner shirt' and Bono with his proud tax returns are all hilarious. The artist's painting style is also quite vibrant and eye-catching. His seemless mockery of the subjects are interesting, captivating, and I love that they reveal so much about the artists's point of view without explicit explanations.

Dom Richards uses the language of painting as effectively as anyone could.