Hales Pays For People's Groceries as an Act of Goodwill

 - Nov 25, 2013
References: neatorama
YouTube prankster star Andrew Hales from LAHWF was sponsored by Gung Ho to go to a Macey's grocery store in Pleasant Hill, Utah and have people's groceries paid for without any prior warnings.

Thanksgiving is the time to gather together with family and friends alike, to give thanks to being able to enjoy what the world has to offer. This goodwill gesture by Hales and Gung Ho is just in time for the national holiday's.

In the video, Hales tells us that Gung Ho has been a part of this 'paying for people's groceries' for the last 25 years, and contacted Hales to make a video, organizing everything with Macey's and spoke to the managers in charge.

The video is an extremely heartwarming clip as people's react to the sweet gesture.