Cardo Systems' 'Packtalk' Connects Up to 15 Riders at Once

 - May 11, 2018
References: cardosystems & digitaltrends
Motorcycling is a famously (or infamously) group-oriented activity, and yet the act of riding a motorcycle is inherently isolating; with Cardo Systems' 'Packtalk' communicators, riders can keep the group dynamic going even while they're on the road. The slim voice-command devices not only provide riders with clean incoming and outgoing audio, but they can also connect up to 15 riders at once, putting the whole gang on the same channel.

Cardo Systems' natural voice commands are built into both Packtalk models -- the Slim and the Bold. Rather than having to take one's hands off the handlebars to press a button, the voice commands allow riders to activate it by simply saying "Hey, Cardo" and then continuing with their desired command. And thanks to Cardo's proprietary Dynamic Mesh Communications, riders can use those commands for a large group.