"El Napoles" Amusement Park Pays Tribute to Pablo Escobar

 - Nov 5, 2009   Updated: May 13 2011
References: colombiareports & foxnews
Pablo Escobar is the man known worldwide as the mastermind behind the world cocaine monopoly, as well as his ruthless control over Columbia's government and people. Today the deceased Pablo Escobar will be known for another thing; amusing tourists.

The Pablo Escobar Hacienda Napoles is what is remaining of Pablo Escobar's “El Patron” and draws in roughly 50,000 tourists a year.

Implications - The old home of the notorious bad guy has 4,000 acres that include a bull fighting ring and even a runway for airplanes to come and go. The featured images in the gallery show off some of the sights at the theme park including an area where a few hippopotamus live!