The US Navy Used Seawater to Fuel a Model P-51 Mustang Airplane

 - Apr 14, 2014
References: & gizmag
Scientists from the US Naval Research Laboratory successfully flew a radio-controlled model P-51 Mustang that was running on fuel derived purely from seawater. The fuel was obtained using the lab's gas-to-liquid technology, which runs seawater through a special machine which removes carbon dioxide from the water while producing hydrogen as part of the process. The carbon dioxide and hydrogen gases are then converted into a liquid hydrocarbon fuel.

That fuel was then used to power a remote-controlled model P-51 Mustang, which was fitted with its original two-stroke engine. The successful flight test marked the first time that liquid hydrocarbon fuel was used to power a conventional combustion engine.

The researchers are now working on upscaling the system so it can be used in commercial settings.