P H Fitzgerald Takes Viewers on Tour

The P H Fitzgerald 'music' series is extremely human, whisking viewers through touring life and field frolicking.

Parker Fitzgerald is a photographer living in Portland, Oregon; the wooly organics of Oregon show in his work. The fuzzy techniques used give the shoots a certain warmth, making the hard-working musicians more human. The scenes are rich with wholesome textures like thick oak paneling, red brick walls and pine markets. The subjects are all sweater-clad and grizzly with dishevelled hair. The overall feeling is nostalgically romantic.

P H Fitzgerald is a humble artist. His site reads, "He enjoys Japan, Lord of the Rings, Polaroid, Legend of Zelda and Chuck Norris." The photographer works mostly in portraiture, but has immense talent in editorial-esque series. From models to musicians, landscapes to animals, his artistic talent is masterfully exhibited.