The Oxygen Rehabilitation Apparatus is a Futuristic Cell-Cleansing Accessory

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: brucewallsdesign & yankodesign
There have been proven benefits to clinical hyperbaric treatments, raising the question of how to bring oxygen therapy to patients at home. This Oxygen Rehabilitation Apparatus was designed by Bruce Walls to be used as a personal source of pure O2.

Much of the current equipment does not efficiently supply air, allowing much of it to escape and go to waste. What's proposed here is a full-face gas mask that ensures every last molecule will be inhaled through the wearer's nose or mouth. A transparent window wraps around the front of the visor so that one can still easily see from behind the structured casing. Even this would have a degree of flexibility. The Oxygen Rehabilitation Apparatus has memory polymer cushioning and adjustable straps at the back.