The Oxfam 'Food Games' Commercial is Dark and Impactful

 - Jun 7, 2012
References: creativecriminals
This darkly disturbing Oxfam 'Food Games' ad makes a powerful statement about where resources are being directed in terms of those in power.

Using a creepy and ominous-looking dining room as a set and bizarrely realistic-looking elephant and donkey masks as costumes, this commercial is an intriguing watch regardless of a viewer's ideas around the topic. The action in the video comes down to a showdown between both animals (representing the American political parties) who have a food fight with excessive amounts of edibles. Clearly painting a picture meant to invoke disgust and disapproval, the clip is purposely evocative and contains minimal, but important voice clips.

This video is expertly edited and effectively conveys the message it aims to get across. Sure to stir up emotions and create discussion, this is a great campaign by Oxfam.