These Ketevane Maissaia Thierry Lasry Frames are Truly Unique

 - Apr 18, 2011
These featured Ketevane Maissaia Thierry Lasry frames will definitely provide plenty of unique looks when sported.

Ketevane Maissaia, the design laureate of the IFM (French institute of fashion), designed these unique oversized futuristic frames for the Thierry Lasry brand after winning a competition which allowed their collaboration.

The war tank-like glasses look like heavy-duty protection for your lookers. Ketevane Maissaia’s mega-structure glasses come in a few hipster-friendly color combinations like red, white, black and blue. Perhaps one of the neatest things about these glasses is that their oversized frame folds down into an almost flat 2D shape that you can easily store. However, what theses mega-structure frames do for your peripheral vision remains to be seen.