Customizable Ovei

 - Jun 27, 2008
Designed by Lee McCormack and engineered by McLaren Applied Technologies, the Ovei pod is the hottest new personal entertainment center. Launched at CEDIA in the UK on June 24, the pod offers you an enclosed space where you can play games, watch video, listen to music and much more. You can setup a PS3, XBox or any console of your choice. You get to pick its colour and interior. Its surround sound is a great feature which gives higher fidelity sounds than open-room speaker systems.

The Ovei pod is sold for £50,000.

Hmmm, I guess it's worth it if you want your own isolated personal space away from everyone (kids, parents, life).

Well, my younger brother had the same idea, and renovated our garage, brought down his PS3, and put a new lock, with one key copy (HIS). It's sure going to suck parking my car in the winter.