Ovaltine 'Sucks to Be Short' Shows Why Being Tall is Advantageous

These Ovaltine 'Sucks to be Short' ads are catered towards parents of young children. Each print shows a humorous depiction of a child's minimal height being the cause for unfortunate situations, offering Ovaltine supplement as a high-in-calcium solution.

These ads are clever in that they target what parents care about most: their children. These adverts display children in places where a little bit of height is needed for survival. For example, a child is sitting on a nose-diving plane unable to reach high enough for an oxygen mask. The adverts are depicted as cartoons as to ensure they are not to harsh, providing a humorous and slightly heart-wrenching reason to provide children with the featured product. The Ovaltine Sucks to be Short ads know how to push parents' buttons.