The New HeatTrak Outdoor Stairs Mats Offer Grip and Heat Features

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: amzn & odditymall
While the original HeatTrak Outdoor Stairs Mats revolutionized the way users think about outdoor winter maintenance, the new variety help to offer enhanced functionality. Featuring a texturized finish similar to sandpaper, the mats are sold individually and connect to one another.

During snowstorms or on mornings when you don't feel like clearing the snow from the stairs, the mats can be powered on to instantly melt the accumulated snow. When not turned on, the HeatTrak Outdoor Stairs Mats offer an enhanced grip that will come in hand for areas prone to ice.

One of the best features of the mats is that they help to reduce the amount of salt required to clear snow and ice, which can contribute to the salinization of local rivers and lakes.