Candid 3D-Prints Functional, Inexpensive Aligners

 - Sep 15, 2017
References: techcrunch
Though braces are the bane of many a middle schooler, the cosmetic gear fulfills an important duty for people, and a new startup called Candid is looking to make straight teeth more accessible with its new orthodontic kits. The company sells kits that can take accurate molds of people's mouths, and it then uses those molds to send consumers 3D-printed aligners that are less expensive than both braces and Invisalign.

Candid's orthodontic kits use a three-step process. First, the company delivers a modeling kit that consumers use to take impressions of their teeth at home. Next, the consumers send those impressions back to Candid, where on-site orthodontists review them and design a treatment plan. Finally, consumers agree to the plan and receive their aligners.

The big difference, of course, it that consumers can undergo the entire FDA-approved process from home, saving money and time.