KIMMY.J's Fall/Winter Apparel Features Statement Oriental Embroidery

 - Sep 29, 2016
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In an effort to make a statement surrounding justice and societal judgement, KIMMY.J decided to imbue its 2016 Fall/Winter collection with oriental embroidery designs of a mythical monster called the #dokkabee.

Made by mixing the face of a Korean tiger with the make believe features of what's called a Hatae, KIMMY.J creates a symbol of its own to drive a message. With it, the brand looks to highlight the importance of accountability when it comes to justice, this was explained with the words "What we are facing in our society now is not a problem solely derived from our government. We are responsible for it as well as a member of this society."

In addition to the statement oriental embroidery that can be found on the backs of most of the jackets, KIMMY.J makes use of vibrant faux fur and pink silks to give the line a captivating appearance.