Kombucha Zest Organic Health Drinks are Marketed in a Hip Way

Many organic health drinks focus on natural lifestyles and health benefits, but Kombucha Zest features a marketing approach that likens it to being a hip soda brand. Featuring flavor names like Wild Summer, Hot Threesome and On the Beach, the Kombucha Zest beverages are targeted towards a young audience.

Kombucha is a beverage that is praised by many natural health practitioners, but often perceived in the mainstream market as being somewhat alternative. The branding for Kombucha Zest plays on this notion by giving the branding a distinct edge that makes the drinks appear as fresh, hip and vibrant. This is achieved through the above-mentioned flavor names as well as vibrant colors and punchy typography.

The branding for the Kombucha Zest organic health drinks is the work of Jam&Co.