Orange T-Shirts Boosts Battery Life Based on Sound

 - Jun 21, 2011
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This year, Glastonbury festival goers will have the chance to don the Orange T-Shirt not for style, but for practical reasons.

With the Orange T-shirt, music fans will be able to charge their phones and devices through the apparel. Simply plug it into the shirt and they're good to go. There is a catch, though; the device will only charge in response to noise. The shirt uses noise responsive technology that measures sound vibrations, particularly bass frequencies that will "create enough shaking to produce electricity from a material as simple as piezoelectric film," according to the company. This is certainly a new form of eco charging technology that will change the way people harness energy in an environmentally friendly manner.

So festival goers, which band will you rely on to produce hard-hitting beats to charge your device?