The Optima EST3 Steamer Provides an New Option for Cleaning Cars

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: steamericas
The 'Optima EST3 Steamer' is a eco-friendly steam machine that can be used for cleaning cars, trucks, motorcycles and more. While the process of using steam vapor to clean vehicles is fairly common, the practice is not ideal for the environment. Now Steamericas has come up with a more sustainable solution for those who want to clean their car with steam.

The Optima EST3 Steamer is an eco-friendly steam machine that works quickly and effectively to remove dirt, grease, stains, odors and other contaminants from a wide variety of surfaces. The machine is electric and uses coil-heated power to produce steam in about 10 minutes. Users can then adjust the moisture level of the steam depending on what they are cleaning. Although the device is ideal for cleaning cars and other vehicles, it can also be used for other outdoor and indoor applications.

Unlike other auto steamers, the Optima EST3 Steamer provides an eco-friendly solution for deodorizing and sterilizing vehicles.