Opportune Smartphone Constantly Seeks to Find What You're in Search of

 - Jan 23, 2012
References: cargocollective & yankodesign
There are times when it seems that Google is reading your mind -- proof that technology has the power to seek out that which you desire. The Opportune smartphone app does this on an incredibly in-depth scale, striving to set you up with services and people without any direct cues from you.

This innovative device quietly keeps track of your needs, of which it gathers from mentions in your online searches, emails, calendar and your status updates through your social media accounts. Itai Miller's invention uses this information to ceaselessly scour your environment for anything from a nearby gas station to anyone like a prospective employer seated behind you in a cafe. The Opportune smartphone app makes impressive use of location-based technology, at its best when others are on it as well.