The MEG Open Source Greenhouse Keeps Your Vegetable Garden Healthy

 - Nov 14, 2014
References: & gizmag
The MEG Open Source Greenhouse is a wonderful device that enables you to leverage the power of online communities to stay on top of your gardening. The device is essentially an internet-connected indoor micro-climate controller capable of using the knowledge of online green-thumbs and applying it towards your gardens' best interests.

The MEG (Micro Experimental Growing) Open Source Greenhouse is powered by an Arduino controller; it gives users the ability to control various metrics in order to create the ideal environment for their plants to grow and stay healthy. The device comes with a companion app that users can use to manage and control ventilation, temperature, light cycles, soil acidity and soil alkalinity.

If users find a recipe or combination of metrics that work well for a particular plant, they can then repeat the growing process with a new plant.