Open-Source Genome Sequencing Startup Developing New Technology

 - Jun 11, 2010
References: masshightech & fiercebiotechresearch
John Boyce, founder of start-up GnuBio, says that the Harvard University spinout is in position to become an "eBay of Biomarkers." GnuBio is developing open-source-genome-sequencing techniques that will make DNA testing faster and cheaper.

Open-source-genome-sequencing technology may mean that testing can be done in hours rather than days at a cost of about $30 instead of the several thousands now charged.

Implications - John Boyce has had a helping hand from Harvard professor Dave Weitz who specializes in physics and engineering, as well as Jessica Tonani who is the former associate director of product marketing at a sequencing company called Affymetrix Inc. The team says that this new open-source genome sequencing startup "promises to join together millions of biologicial samples that are currently siloed at institutes around the world."