Open-Source Drug-Making Process Lowers Production Costs

 - Jun 8, 2010   Updated: Aug 18 2011
References: & sciencedaily
As part of a German-Indo collaboration, researchers from the Helmholtz Centre in Braunschweig, Germany, have shared a process to make a much cheaper version of insulin. Published in the online research magazine 'Microbial Cell Factories,' the open-source drug-making process is freely accessible and is not subject to patent law.

This is the second time the government-backed group has posted an open-source drug-making process online: an alternative protocol for the development of a hepatitis B vaccine was posted last year.

Implications - This open-source drug-making process really does lower production costs in a pretty significant way. Medicine for most most middle class people is far too expensive. This innovation can really help remove the barrier that currently exists around access to medication in this country.